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Our Escape Experiences

The existence of the world as we know it is being threatened! The Space-time Investigation Agency (SIA) is actively recruiting Agents to combat this threat - Agents just like YOU! Get the backstory.

Deadwood – 1876

Alistar Havoc has found the first piece of the time-travel device! We MUST recover it to avert disaster – calling all Agents!

Cairo – 1930

Having already recovered the second piece of the time-travel device, Alistar Havok is way ahead of us. Search the Curator’s office at the Antiquities Museum to save the world!

Coming Soon: Nazi Plunder Mine

Stay ahead of the forces of evil while figuring out where Alistar Havok hid the third piece of the time-travel device!

In Development – Present Day

Tie the storyline together in this present day thrilling conclusion!


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